Commercial Property Insurance in California

Your success comes from how you operate your business. Maybe you have a wholesale company that needed another warehouse, or perhaps you just relocated your business into a more stylish office building. Whatever purpose your business serves, it is vital that you keep it protected from unexpected things. We offer business property insurance at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC in Oakland, CA.

Commercial Property Insurance Requirements

Besides workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance, business property insurance is not legally required in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, or California. However, you should check with your commercial lease because sometimes they may have requirements for the type of insurance you must obtain.

Coverage Options

You can choose to protect your business from property damage by selecting the coverage that is right for you, including:

  • Coverage for damaged inventory - Business property insurance can help cover your repair or replacement expenses for necessary business equipment such as tools, computers, and inventory. This coverage is necessary because if your storage rack were to collapse, it could damage inventory worth thousands of dollars.
  • Coverage for property - If your business is damaged from a covered event, this can help with the necessary coverage. For example, if an employee operates a forklift in your warehouse and collides with a storage rack, it may collapse and cause damages.
  • Coverage for loss of income - Business property insurance can also cover replacement costs for any lost profit. This can help you navigate payroll expenses and much more to keep your business running smoothly. For example, your business may require repairs that result from a small electrical fire. As a result, your company may lose income since you have to close temporarily. This will cover you.


Please visit Avail Insurance Solutions LLC today to obtain a quote for business property insurance in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, or California. We are located in Oakland, CA.