Brian Sullivan provided great service while we were customers, as many will testify.
What is remarkable is that he continued to provide great service *after* we moved our insurance elsewhere (for reasons having nothing to do with Brian or Avail). He (still) is helping us with a tangle created by our previous insurance company (and again, no fault of Brian or Avail.
Brian continues to go above and beyond, and we're grateful for his help. - Ken W.

Absolutely recommend Brian for any insurance needs. He is very knowledgeable, ethical, and thorough. A dream of an agent all-around! - Julia L.

Brian has helped me through process of finding a policy twice now and both times his quote was the cheapest i found. He's responsive, helpful and professional so i can recommend. - Lachlan B.

Brian is great. He's knowledgeable and you can trust him. I've known him for many years and am glad we finally went with him to handle our insurance needs. He's responsive, and answers any questions you might have. No question feels like a dumb question. We are so glad we went with him for our insurance needs. And like many others who have commented, yes, he's a nice guy. - Iddee I.

Great experience, very happy with our insurance plan. Brian was very helpful to work with. - Benjamin G.

Brian found a fantastic rate with minimal time wasted. Come here if you want to save time and money and get the best rates for your situation. He even helped me working through specific financials that put me at peace. Five stars. - Simeon D.

My former insurance carrier more than doubled my home insurance renewal rates this summer because the area I live in has been designated a fire danger area. I had to search for new insurance quickly and Avail Insurance had such high recommendations I decidedly to call. Everything about the experience was outstanding! Brian lead me through the process, immediately responded to every question and clearly outlined all of my options. I ended up insuring my home, car and also acquired earthquake insurance. The deciding factors were the coverage, the rates and the knowledgeable, responsive professionalism of Brian. Don't hesitate to call for your insurance needs. - Denise M.

Brian is extremely responsive and helpful, and really streamlined the insurance process for my new vehicle. Everything was able to be done over phone and email, which was appreciated. I'd highly recommend Avail. - Tiffany W.

In the span of 4 months, I had situations that put me through the ringer with insurance companies. However, I've been lucky enough to have Brian help me out through all of it.
It all started when my car was hit while it was parked with no note. The damage was pretty significant but I thought it would be a simple repair. I was pretty upset and worried about the entire situation but after calling Brian, he gave me clear instructions on how to go forward with the situation. The car ended up being totaled, but I received enough money to purchase a new car. I ended up doing weeks of research to find the right car, but my decision to buy came suddenly. There I was at a dealership, in the car I wanted, and that I decided to go ahead and buy it, only to realize I needed to figure out the who insurance aspect of car-purchasing. I had told Brian about the car I wanted a week before and he gave me a bunch of quotes and broke them down for me. Once I bought the car, I called Brian to let him know, and in minutes, my new car was insured and I was able to drive off soon after. Great experience with Brian and it made me that much more stoked to drive my new car.
A week ago, I decided to buy a pretty beat up motorcycle as a new mode of transportation. Like my car, I spontaneously bought it but also needed to quickly figure out the insurance aspect of it. Once again, I called Brian and gave him a few details and in less than 48 hours from my initial call, the motorcycle was insured.
I'm only 24 and haven't had much experience with purchasing vehicles and insurance policies, but from what people have told me about their negative experiences, I feel like they haven't really heard about Brian yet. - Raimundo M.

Brian just made the insurance process for my new home so very easy. He just handled my confusing and difficult insurance needs patiently, very quickly, affordably, and he explained things to me (without condescension or annoyance) so that everything was accessible for this about-to-be-a-homeowner n00b. After I close and have a moment to breathe, I will be calling him to help with determining what other insurance I need for my home and myself. - Avrille B.

Brian helped me find great new coverage and rates for my home, auto, and umbrella policies. I had a LOT of questions during the process, and he was extremely patient, thoughtful, and responsive throughout. I ended up saving a lot of money on my home owner's policy and got far better coverage to boot! I'd highly recommend Brian and Avail to others. - Leann C.

I've been trying to get an umbrella policy for over a year. After two other insurance agents ghosted me, I contacted Brian and Avail, and they set me up with an umbrella, renters, motorcycle, two autos, and a boat policy in less time than it took the second agent that I tried to even collect my initial paperwork.
We did everything via email and phone, which was the most convenient for me. Brian was quick to respond and answered all my questions regarding liability, and amended my quotes several times per my request to play around with coverage and pricing.
The savings on the auto policies were more than enough to cover the umbrella and boat policies. I think the second car on the policy, which belongs to my partner, was around 50% less than what he was previously paying (!!).
Highly satisfied. The entire process was completely hassle-free and thorough. I'll be sticking with these guys for all my future insurance needs. - Jay E.

I was a real pain for a customer in that I couldn't make a decision and after months of back and forth, I finally made up my mind. Brian immediately bound the policies, no fuss, and found me a very good policy for Home/auto and earthquake. In the middle of finalizing everything my credit card was defrauded! Brian, and the office personnel, were completely patient, informative, and available for questions and concerns. They made it a very smooth and straightforward process. I"m happy to have an agent and support crew handle my insurance needs. I can't recommend Avail enough. - Karen C.

Brian Sullivan provided great service for home insurance on our first home. He searched different carriers and found us the best rate for our needs. He was informative and thorough and was able to provide our lender the needed information in a timely manner. Highly recommend him. - Olivia O.

After a number of trying experiences applying for insurance after my last policy was canceled, I can't say enough good things about Brian. He is professional, responsive and fast. The whole process was painless and thankfully brief; everything one would want out of insurance. - Leeor N.

It was great working with Brian on insurance for our home, cars, umbrella, and business. I'd highly recommend him! - Annie B.

I am very glad I contacted Brian's company for my insurance needs! Moving from Massachusetts to California was stressful enough, so I wanted to use an insurance agent like I used to do in Massachusetts, and I was not disappointed. Brian found very good prices for my auto and renters insurance, and he was able to do all the paperwork quickly. I highly recommend Avail Insurance Solutions for Berkeley area! - Delphine R.

Brian and his team helped my husband and I sign up for life insurance policies, and also gave us information on earthquake/homeowners' insurance. He was very helpful and responsive throughout the process, and we were really happy with our overall experience with him. We really liked that he isn't affiliated with just one insurance company. I would highly recommend him for any insurance needs you have! - Rebecca S.

Highly recommend. I just started my own small consultancy business. My client required business liability and worker's compensation. Brian was very fast and highly communicative. Within days of initial contact, I had quotes, bonding, and proof of insurance. Brian also took the time to walk me through what the coverage was by providing real-life, applicable examples for me and he ensured I had all my questions answered. At no time did I feel pressured or confused. - Katherine L.

Our insurance got a non-renewal notice after a water damage claim, and the offers we were getting to replace it from our old broker were insane. The proposal was higher premiums, a much higher deductible, and less coverage --- no bueno. After reaching out to Brian at Avail based on some of the reviews, he found us a new policy with a major carrier for better rates than the coverage we had before our claim. I was floored. The entire process was easy, and we are now happily insured again. Thanks Brian! - Vince A.

After a very bad experience with a broker online, I was able to meet with Brian face-to-face. He not only got me the insurance I needed for my new business, but patiently answered all of my questions in a complete and timely way. I would definitely go back to Brian for my insurance needs! - Paul G.

After trying to gather some homeowner's insurance quotes on my own from various sources, I looked for a local broker who could quickly find me something in my price range and could explain various coverages to me. A short search of Yelp reviews led me to Brian, and I'm glad I followed up! Brian quickly found a reputable insurance company to arrange for just the right coverage for me, and he was able to confirm everything with the escrow company within a really short time frame. I appreciate the attention he gave me, and I feel well justified in going to him. - Stephen F.

I can't imagine anyone doing a better job of getting the insurance coverage right for the individual. Brian Sullivan also provides savvy advice along with finding the best value. I have both home an auto insurance through Avail Insurance Solutions now. I couldn't recommend them more highly, which is obvious from the five stars. - Sue F.

Brian is an excellent broker who has helped insure several real estate properties for me. Extremely responsive, rock-solid pricing, super knowledgable, and very thorough. He takes the time to explain coverage options so that you can make the best decision possible. - Dean H.

Originally, I was looking to get life insurance because I just had my first child. Along the way, I realized that my current policies may not be the most competitive, and so I decided to look around. I have never gotten insurance from an independent broker, so I did a bit of research, and thankfully found Avail on Yelp.
I reached out to Brian via email, and he called me right away to get some baseline info for his quotes. His quotes came quickly and included a range of options. All along the process, Brian was extremely helpful and as transparent as I would expect an insurance broker to be. He made sure that all of my questions were answered, and would let me know when I could expect contracts in the mail. He's very responsive through email, and is quite personable to boot.
In the end, I purchased new auto, home, life, and umbrella policies through Avail, and I am very happy. I ended up saving about $100 on auto and about $160 on my home policies for comparable coverage, and got competitive rates for umbrella and life insurance policies. I couldn't be happier with an insurance broker and highly recommend that you call Brian for your insurance needs. - Iris T.

Brian is great! I work with him for business and personal insurance, and he is always very responsive and courteous. - Dale M.

Brian is knowledgable, patient, and thorough--I would give him 6 stars if that was an option. He did research on my current insurance policies and found that I could save thousands of dollars per year--wow. I highly recommend Avail Insurance and Brian Sullivan! - Elizabeth E.

I have been looking around for an agent who can consolidate all my coverages, answer my questions when i am in need, and patient enough to explain all my options and risks. brian has been that and more. i had one agent for a long time but slowly the policies started getting separated due to price, or just plain old laissez faire. brian patiently explained all my options, found the best price which gave me more options than before. i look forward to working with brian for many years to come. - I Be E.

We really appreciate Brian Sullivan with Avail Insurance. His attention to detail and focus on getting us great insurance at a great price has saved us a great deal of money and given us peace of mind that we are covered where we need it. He actually introduced a couple of additional products (without being pushy in any way) that didn't add significant cost (especially given the savings on other products) and give us further peace of mind that we are covered! - Robert F.

I've always bought insurance from a company agent, rather than an independent broker, but I met the principle broker at Avail through my daughter's school. Just out of curiosity I asked him to see what options I might have for my home/auto/umbrella policies. He came back with strong options from 2 companies for me to compare with my current coverage. Both were cheaper and offered better coverage than I had, and he walked me through all the considerations.
He handled all of the transition issues and made the whole process quite smooth. He's been quite available to answer my questions and not at all pushing anything. He says he'll recheck my policies for better options each year, which is something you definitely don't get with an agent tied to one company. I would definitely recommend Avail. - Erik T.

As we faced applying for life insurance, I wanted to work with an independent insurance professional who could find the best policy for our needs and also guide us through the complexities of applying for life insurance. Brian brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, which helped me feel assured through this daunting process. He was very responsive and proactively provided updates. Now that our LI policies are issued, I am looking forward to sitting down together to review the rest of our insurance policies to make sure we have the right types and amounts of coverage from a highly-rated carrier at the best price. - Audrey L.

I needed insurance for a wedding event with beer and wine, and found Avail through Yelp. Brian was very responsive and prompt. He was also very patient with me explaining the different clauses through email, and even contacted the venue when there were certain terms that I was unclear about. The whole process was very transparent and quick. Everything was clear and he was always there to help. Being a nube at event insurances this was very much a painless and easy experience! - Ningkun W.

We had to get approved for insurance within a few hours once we got into contract on a home. Brian was very responsive and got us signed up, contacted our lender within a few hours to get us all set up. Highly recommend. - Maggie M.

I wasn't happy with the quotes from the firm I had used for years and remembered that Brian Sullivan had helped some colleagues, so I reached out. He got me more coverage for less money and took a good deal more time and care to make sure I understood my coverage and my options. He is 150% trustworthy and gave me solid straightforward advice. It may have taken him 1 day longer than the bigger firm to get my quotes, but the savings and customer service made it worthwhile. Brian is hardworking and helpful and such a delight to work with on all fronts. I recommend him without hesitation. - Ingrid H.

I can't speak highly enough about Brian and Avail Insurance. He helped us through getting our life insurance set up and then covering our home and autos. He is extremely dependable and trustworthy and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for sound advice and good rates. - Marc W.