RV Insurance in California

If you love to travel, an RV makes a great investment! Once you’ve found the RV of your choice, don’t forget to protect it with RV insurance. The right RV coverage from Avail Insurance Solutions LLC is essential to protecting your RV and its contents. RV coverage can also safeguard you from liability issues that may arise due to accidents on the road. Here’s what you should know about RV insurance in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, and California.

Coverage Options

RV policies offer numerous options for protecting your investment. These include:

  • Liability - to pay for injuries or damages you cause others in accidents that are your fault. California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona require that you have liability insurance to fulfill your responsibility to others in accidents you cause.
  • Collision - to cover your RV repairs if you crash into another driver or object
  • Comprehensive - to cover theft of your RV and damage caused by animal strikes, vandalism, inclement weather, or any other non-collision event
  • Uninsured Motorist - to cover repairs to your RV if you are hit by someone with no insurance or insufficient insurance to pay your repair costs

The purpose of RV insurance is to protect you from having to pay the excessive cost of injuries or property damage out of pocket. By being selective in your coverage, you can get more precise coverage.

Additional RV Insurance Protection

Depending on your RV lifestyle, you may also want to include the following additional coverage:

  • Vacation liability to protect you against accidents that may occur at your campsite
  • Total loss replacement to cover the cost of replacing your RV if it’s totally destroyed in an accident or disaster
  • Roadside assist to cover towing costs if you have a breakdown on the road
  • Full-timer insurance to cover any eventuality that may occur when you live in your RV fulltime

To learn more about RV insurance in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, or California or to purchase a policy, contact your insurance specialists at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC in Oakland, CA.