Umbrella Insurance in California

If you already carry home, auto, or watercraft insurance, you may think you’ve got all the liability protection you need. What would happen, however, if you’re held responsible for an accident where the cost of injuries or damages exceeds the limits of your current policies? Are you prepared to pay the remaining costs out of pocket? Umbrella insurance from Avail Insurance Solutions LLC in Oakland, CA provides extra liability protection against the fallout of costly claims that can deplete your finances. Here’s how umbrella insurance works to protect you from financial ruin.

Understanding Umbrella Coverage

Life is full of the unexpected. Sometimes unfortunate events can catch us off guard. Insurance is designed to protect you from the unexpected. Liability coverage safeguards your financial assets against mishaps at home or on the road.

Umbrella insurance picks up where your other insurance policies leave off. It works in conjunction with other insurance policies to protect you from home, road or water accidents you may inadvertently cause. If a guest is injured while on your property and your home liability coverage isn’t enough to cover his medical costs, your umbrella policy will pay the extra expenses, so they don’t come out of your own pocket.

What Umbrella Insurance Covers

Umbrella insurance covers bodily injury and property damage liability claims from home, auto, or watercraft accidents that exceed the limits of your current policies. It also covers personal injury claims and claims pertaining to libel or slander. If you are sued due to an accident, umbrella insurance will pay for your legal expenses and the cost of settlement – if you lose – up to the limits on your policy.

Is Umbrella Insurance for You?

By adding umbrella insurance to your financial portfolio, you can have peace of mind that your assets are protecting against any eventuality. To learn more about umbrella coverage or to purchase a policy, contact Avail Insurance Solutions LLC in Oakland, CA, serving residents in Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and California.