Can You Purchase Auto Insurance With a Foreign Driver’s License?

Most car owners are familiar with the above topic, but there are options for individuals to be insured with a foreign driver’s insurance. The Avail Insurance Solutions LLC of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona team can provide further information or tailor a temporary auto insurance policy that safeguards an international driver from potential disaster. 

What are the Parameters for Purchasing Auto Insurance with a Foreign Driver’s Insurance?

Foreign drivers can purchase a short-term auto insurance policy (6-12 months). It is the same requirement as renting a vehicle at the airport. The rental car company often offers minimal auto insurance as part of the agreement. Most insurance companies believe it is the best option for foreign tourists driving in the United States. 

But if your stay is any longer, you must obtain a valid United States driver’s license. Depending on your home country, you could apply for an international driving permit with the local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) where you are staying. Keep in mind that you may have to forfeit your country driver’s license.

Canadian Driver’s Requirements

Canadian drivers crossing the American border have slightly different requirements. If they’re vacationing, their driver’s license and a valid auto insurance policy are required to travel throughout the United States.

However, if you are permanently relocating to the United States, you will need a valid driver’s license from a local DMV. The process begins by forfeiting your Canadian driver’s license and passing a written test before receiving a United States driver’s license.

If you have a foreign driver’s license and are planning to spend time in California, Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona, contact our team at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC. We are eager to help you get auto insurance during your stay in the United States. Our expertise can tailor a temporary policy that protects your vehicle for a short-term visit to our country. Call and schedule an appointment today.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover

Protecting Your Vintage Automobile with Classic Car Insurance

Vintage vehicles are a treasured asset for those who appreciate the charm of early automotive technologies. Avail Insurance Solutions LLC offers comprehensive insurance solutions for classic car enthusiasts from California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. We’re dedicated to demystifying insurance coverage and helping you protect your cherished possessions.

What Qualifies as a Classic Car?

For your car to be considered a classic car by insurance providers, it must be at least ten years old and possess a significant historical context within the automotive industry. Ideally, your cherished classic car is not your primary mode of transport. Some insurers also require these vehicles to be stored in a secure garage to qualify. Meeting these specifications enhances the value of your vehicle.

Insuring Your Classic Car

Classic car insurance shares some commonalities with standard auto insurance. For instance, insurers may request your annual mileage to design a policy that offers protection against possible accident damage and bodily injury during vintage car show outings. They may also include coverage for the occasional weekend drive.

The Divergence of Classic Car and Auto Insurance

The primary difference between classic car and standard auto insurance lies in the vehicle’s valuation. A regularly used car depreciates over time, whereas a classic car appreciates in value when restored to its original condition. Each policy defines vehicle usage differently, and coverage is usually based on provided mileage details.

Reach Out to Avail Insurance Solutions LLC

If you’re a classic car owner residing in California, Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona and have queries regarding the right insurance coverage for your vintage car, don’t hesitate to connect with our team at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC. We’re eager to answer your questions and can tailor a policy that safeguards your investment effectively. To schedule an appointment, get in touch today!

Will my homeowners’ insurance pay for the repair of my flooded car?

Homeowners insurance is property insurance designed to cover a wide variety of different areas. However, there are specific areas that aren’t covered by homeowners’ insurance. For example, certain natural disasters as well as damage that your home sustains as a result of natural wear and tear over time, aren’t covered by your homeowners’ policy.

At Avail Insurance Solutions LLC, our team is committed to helping California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona residents understand coverage as well as the benefits of homeowners’ insurance.

What is homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance is property insurance with many bundled benefits designed to cover your home’s exterior and interior, foundation, other structures on your property, and assets. It’s also designed to provide liability protection for homeowners as well. However, the terms of coverage should be thoroughly understood because there are circumstances and some forms of damage that aren’t usually covered by a typical homeowners’ policy. An insurance agent can outline what’s covered by your homeowners’ policy as well as what the terms and conditions are. 

Will my homeowners’ insurance pay for the repair of my flooded car?

No. Homeowners insurance doesn’t pay for damage to your home, car, or property that results from flooding. However, if flooding indirectly causes damage, your homeowners’ policy may cover some repairs if they are in compliance with your insurance terms and conditions. However, typically, your automobile insurance will cover the repair of your flood-damaged car. Of course, auto liability insurance will not cover your car’s repairs, you will need to have the appropriate form of auto insurance to receive flood coverage.

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3 Benefits of Automating Your Auto Insurance Bill Paying Process

Remember when you were a kid? You couldn’t wait to become an adult so you could do what you wanted.

While it’s true that being an adult grants you the freedom to do virtually anything you want to do, oftentimes you don’t have time to do it. Between taking care of the kids, going to work, and paying bills, you’re exhausted. It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and other West Coast scenic hotspots when there isn’t time to do so.

Thankfully, our agents at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC can help. We know it’s possible to regain some of your time and explore your surroundings. For instance, you don’t have to sit in traffic or stand in line at the post office to mail off your car insurance note if you automate the process. There are other benefits to taking this route as well.

Some of them include:

  • Saves time and effort: When you use technology to help you pay your car insurance note, you won’t have to rely on manual processes that require a lot of both human intervention and paperwork.
  • Helps improve your credit score: Automating your bill-paying process helps you avoid late payments and delinquencies. Both negatively affect your credit history.
  • Helps the environment: Since you don’t have to mail or print your auto insurance bill, this reduces paper waste and carbon emissions.

These are just a few of the reasons automating your car insurance bill-paying process can help you. Learn more about this and other auto insurance benefits when you contact our experts at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC today. We take pride in helping our patrons in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona get the best coverage for their needs and budget. 

I have a beat-up Volkswagen Beetle that I drive daily. Should I invest in classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is often misunderstood. Not every old car is eligible for classic car insurance. Typically, classic car insurance is designed for much older cars that aren’t driven daily. These cars are usually in great condition and are often limited edition. Our team at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC helps old car owners from California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona understand classic car insurance.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is designed for cars that are usually more than fifteen years old. However, there are other characteristics that describe a classic car as well. Also, classic cars are usually kept in their original condition. However, keep in mind that, aside from a few general rules of thumb, every insurance company has its own definition of what qualifies a car as classic.

Classic car insurance is similar to conventional car insurance in that drivers are able to obtain coverage for liability, comprehensive, and collision. However, it differs from conventional car insurance in a few ways. First, your car’s value must be agreed upon by both you and the insurance company. Antique or classic cars usually increase in value. Also, classic car insurance provides other benefits or specialized coverage unique to classic cars.

I have a beat-up Volkswagen Beetle that I drive daily. Should I invest in classic car insurance?

Probably not. Every old car isn’t eligible for classic car insurance. Also, classic car insurance isn’t designed for cars that are driven daily or used as primary vehicles. The idea of classic car insurance is centered heavily on the idea that the car will continue to accrue in value. If your car is in poor condition and driven daily, it’s likely not to accrue in value, and this wouldn’t be a good candidate for classic car insurance.

It may be difficult to determine which cars will be deemed classic. Our team at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC  can answer questions about classic car insurance. Call us. We’re standing by to serve you in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. 

Why Do Lenders Typically Require Burrows to Carry Home Insurance?

If you buy a home and take out a loan, such as a mortgage, your lender will likely require that you take out homeowner’s insurance. Some new homeowners are surprised by this requirement. However, as we’ll see below, insuring your home is important for both the owner and lender. If you’d like to explore home insurance policy options and want to speak with an agent serving California, Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona, get in touch with Avail Insurance Solutions LLC.

With Home Insurance Lenders Want to Protect Themselves

When you take out a mortgage or similar loan, that loan is tied to your home or property. This greatly reduces risks for lenders. If someone should fall behind on their payments, the lender can take control of the property and then sell it to recoup their losses. Since this greatly reduces risks, the lender can charge borrowers lower interest rates.

If a home were to be destroyed by a fire, storm, or other event, however, it would greatly reduce the value of the collateral. For the lender, this would greatly increase risks. Further, if someone took out a mortgage but their home ended up destroyed, they might stop making their mortgage payments. From the borrower’s point of view, since they no longer have a home, they may not want to make house payments.

The bank could take control of the land and sell it. However, the land and damaged property may not fetch enough money to cover the outstanding debt tied to the mortgage. For this reason, lenders typically require that borrowers take out homeowner’s insurance. This insurance will in some cases cover the costs of repairing and replacing damaged and destroyed properties. Ultimately, this protects both the lender and the borrower.

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Four things that might surprise you about your auto insurance policy

Motorists in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona should be adequately informed about their auto insurance needs and responsibilities. There might be some things you’re not aware of about your auto insurance policy. At Avail Insurance Solutions LLC, we’re here to ensure that consumers know everything they need to know about auto insurance coverage.

The following are four things that might surprise you about your auto insurance policy.  

Your auto insurance policy might not cover you in the event of damages caused by fire or theft.

All auto insurance policies don’t cover damage from fire or theft. If you want to enjoy coverage for these types of incidents, you need to add comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy.  

Your auto insurance might come in handy if your vehicle breaks down on the road.

Many auto insurance policies include roadside assistance coverage. With this type of coverage, you can get towing costs covered when your vehicle breaks down. 

Your auto insurance policy may cover you for rental vehicle costs after an accident.

Rental coverage is one type of coverage that you really should make sure you have on your policy. With rental coverage, you can get a rental car paid for after an accident if your vehicle is in the shop for repairs for a while. 

Your auto insurance policy is impacted by how much you use your vehicle. 

Auto insurance providers usually ask policyholders how often they use their vehicles.

Policyholders who don’t use their vehicle on a daily basis should definitely make sure their insurance provider knows this because they may be able to enjoy a discount as a result. 

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Three things that your classic car insurance policy can do for you

Classic car insurance from Avail Insurance Solutions LLC can offer you customized protection for your cherished vehicle. We can provide you with classic car insurance whether you’re in Oregon, Nevada, California, or Arizona.  

You might not be aware of all the great things that classic car insurance can do for you.

The following are three things that your classic car insurance policy can do for you:

Protect the investments you make when purchasing and restoring your classic car

Classic car insurance safeguards the investments made in valuable antique vehicles.

With coverage tailored to the policyholder’s unique needs, classic care insurance protects the time, effort, and resources invested in restoring and maintaining classic cars. Insured vehicles are protected against unforeseen risks, preserving their worth for years to come.

Accommodate your limited usage of your classic car

Classic car insurance providers realize that policyholders may not use their vehicles throughout the year. Classic car insurance policies can therefore be tailored to limited usage.

Let your insurance provider know if you don’t use your classic car during certain seasons of the year and your policy can be adjusted accordingly. 

Provide you with the flexibility to choose your repair shop in the event of vehicle damage

Classic car owners are especially likely to want to pamper their vehicle by taking it to a garage of their choice when it needs repairs. Classic car insurance can accommodate this by allowing the policyholder to choose his or her repair shop after filing a claim. 

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Do You Need All-perils Coverage?

Homeowners, when you shop at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC for home insurance for your residence in California, Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona, consider all perils insurance. The insurance industry offers eight forms of home insurance, five for owners of single-family homes. Each of these forms of homeowners insurance offers a different level of peril coverage.

What Is Perils Coverage?

Every home insurance policy offers various facets, including liability coverage and structural damage coverage. Each of the various forms of homeowners insurance offers its own perils coverage, which applies to structural damage and personal property damage when the policy covers it.

The term peril refers to a hazard, whether man-made or natural. Examples of perils include tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The only common peril that no homeowners’ policy covers, flood, receives coverage under a flood policy. An HO-1 and HO-8 policy cover the fewest number of perils, ten. Other forms of homeowners insurance cover 15 perils, such as HO-3 insurance or all-perils coverage.

Why Choose All-perils Coverage?

As the name implies, all-perils coverage offers the most comprehensive coverage for your home. It typically covers any and all natural hazards, including meteors falling from the sky and wind damage. All-perils policies also cover man-made hazards, such as vandalism and riots.

Although most people take the attitude of “It can’t happen to me”, home damage eventually happens to every homeowner. By purchasing a policy with all-perils coverage, you obtain an insurance policy that covers any eventuality.

What Perils Coverage Means to You

We at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC want to clarify some of those commercials on television that make home insurance seem like it ensures that damage can’t occur. Instead, home policies ensure that you won’t need to pay out of pocket to repair your home in California, Oregon, Nevada, or Arizona when a peril that’s covered in your home policy. Contact us today to upgrade your home policy to cover your home fully.

Safe driving tips for new drivers

Many new drivers in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona are unaware of the risks and responsibilities associated with driving. To ensure safe driving, it is important to understand the basics before taking the wheel. Here are some tips from us at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC for new drivers to help make the roads a safer place.

Safe driving tips for new drivers

1. Always wear a seatbelt

Seatbelts not only keep you safe but they are also required by law in most states. Wearing a seatbelt can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death in case of an accident. 

2. Obey speed limits

Driving too fast increases your risk of getting into an accident and can also lead to costly tickets and fines. Always be aware of speed limit signs posted on the road and drive safely within them. 

3. Understand basic road rules

Familiarize yourself with all local traffic laws and regulations, such as yielding at stop signs, merging on highways, and parked vehicles’ right-of-way rules. 

4. Don’t drive while distracted

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of crashes across age groups. Avoid using your phone or any other device while behind the wheel that could take your attention away from driving safely. 

5. Take extra caution in inclement weather

Rain, snow, fog, ice, or wind can present hazards when driving conditions become less than favorable – so it’s important to slow down and take extra precautions when bad weather strikes! 

We Are Here To Help

Driving is a privilege that requires focus and responsibility – so make sure you adhere to these tips for safe roadways! For more information, give us at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC a call today We are proud to serve the states of California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona.