How Can Auto Insurance Be Green?

When consumers spend less money on non-renewable products and sources, it makes auto insurance green. We at Avail Insurance Solutions LLC serve California and Oregon and know that people want to be able to spend more of their money on other things such as designer clothing, a sleek car, a nicer home, and healthier eating.

How Can Auto Insurance Be Green?

Insurance companies have started to reward individuals with eco-friendly cars because they have begun to see the benefit of rewarding people who drive them. Car manufacturers are working on making each model more efficient with more green models coming out each year.

But can “going green” result in car insurance savings?

Yes. The concept of green car insurance is meant to reduce the cost of consumer goods, including car insurance. If you are currently driving a green, eco-friendly car, you may be able to get car insurance for less.

Green car insurance has become a new concept based on the profits of insurance companies. Many insurance companies are enticing customers to their products with various incentives.

 Also, many of these insurers offer discounts for vehicles that do not “guzzle gas”. Some discounts are alternative fuel premium discounts, endorsements that permit hybrid replacement, and hybrid vehicle premium discounts.

In pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) programs, which are usage-based insurance, drivers are charged based on how much they use their vehicle, rather than a fixed monthly premium. That rewards them for driving less. This is perfect for drivers with a second vehicle that is seldom driven or people who work from home.

There are other reasons why auto insurance costs on green vehicles are decreasing.

  • Many green vehicles have been manufactured within the last five years, making them subject to new government guidelines regarding safety, making them more desirable to own.
  • These vehicles do not rely on fossil fuels. Therefore, they have a reduced chance of bursting into flames in an accident.
  • Green or eco-friendly vehicles have side-impact airbags, are more impact-resistant, and have brighter lights.

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