Classic Car Insurance Overview

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Classic Car Insurance Overview

California is home to some of the biggest classic car shows and exhibitions in the United States. If you are a classic car owner, you have a unique asset. Classic car insurance provides a layer of protection if something happens to your prized possession. In order to maintain its classic car status, you should avoid driving it. Generally, the only time it’s acceptable to drive your classic car is to show it off at one of these car shows. Classic car insurance covers any damages to your vehicle. You are protected if someone attempts to steal or vandalize your vehicle. Liability coverage protects you in the unfortunate circumstance that you are involved in an accident and you injure someone or damage property. Consider having your classic car appraised to determine its true value.

Since you’re only driving your classic car a handful of days during the year, storage coverage is important. Storage coverage protects your vehicle against potential disasters. Maybe the storage facility is damaged due to an accidental fire. Perhaps severe weather moves into the area and causes damage. Storage coverage protects your classic car if an emergency happens. If you install any custom parts on your car, you’ll have to amend your policy to cover those items if they are damaged.

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