How Often Should You Review Classic Car Coverage?

First, let’s take a brief look at what Classic Car Coverage is. This coverage applies to cars with an appreciating value – meaning it rises over time. Insurers classify these vehicles in a few ways and the language can vary by company. Cars of higher value over ten years old are typically referred to as classic, while those over 25 years of age are often described as antique. In some cases, newer cars may be deemed modern or future classics.

Avail Insurance Solutions LLC is happy to discuss the details of your California or Oregon vehicle to better classify it.

When To Review Your Classic Car Coverage

If you already have classic car coverage, it’s a good idea to check in annually to make sure you are adequately protecting your car. Other times you might want to examine coverage include:

  • After completing significant improvements

  • Before taking a longer cruise

  • After purchasing expensive specialty restoration tools

  • After acquiring related valuable memorabilia

Special Coverages to Consider

  • Cherished Salvage – This lets you keep your salvaged car after it’s deemed a total loss and retain your claim payment.

  • Spare Parts & Automotive Tools – This covers special tools and parts used to restore and maintain your classic ride.

  • Vehicle Under Construction -This periodically increases the coverage to ensure it’s protected without having to update your provider after each improvement.

  • Disabled Vehicle – Typically includes roadside and sometimes options like trip interruption coverage. If your classic cruiser breaks down, the cost of getting home is covered, including transit, meals, and lodging.

  • Automobilia – This covers collectibles related to your classic car. It may cover memorabilia like hood ornaments, gas pumps, vintage plates, and more.

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