Here’s an easy way to make sure your auto repair shop is accepted by your insurance carrier

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An easy way to ensure your repair shop is accepted by your insurance carrier

When you sign up for an auto policy that includes roadside assistance, it’s an easy way to ensure that the auto repair shop will be approved by your insurance carrier. 

If you are involved in an accident or require towing services, you may worry that the service you call might not be accepted or approved by your insurance provider. This is a real fear, as services performed by those vendors may not be covered by your policy.

Having your roadside assistance service through your auto policy is a great way to avoid this worry. When you access the assistance service, the tow trucks called, or the auto body shops that are recommended are sure to be approved. If you have a preferred repair shop, it makes sense to confirm that they are approved by the carrier of the policy you select. Choosing an auto policy that ensures your shop is accepted is one way to also narrow down the selection process.

Roadside assistance through your auto policy is a smart idea for a variety of different reasons. Choosing the right auto policy is much easier when you work with an agent.

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